Friday, January 21, 2011

Sea Of People

On the way from NAIA, I was in the front seat of the taxi. Looking around I see a mixture of slums and small stores along the side of the street. This is not America. I was just in awe of people and how they living. I feel bad because I felt they deserve something better. We stopped at a stoplight and a little boy was knocking on the window. My mom was shocked and she asked my wife. She felt really bad for those people have to beg just to get by in life.

The Globe at the Mall Of Asia from one of the entrances
A lot of people were outside on this sunny day in Pasay City. I was not sure when were are going at this time. I didn't want to think too much during my stay knowing it would not do me good. Out of NAIA, we hit a couple of streets and back to the EDSA where it ends. Welcome to the Mall Of Asia. I knew what I might be getting into since a lot of people been telling me this mall is huge. I never expect what I saw. Security at the entrances and a sea of people. Everywhere! I couldn't believe it. I was bumping into everyone due to my big skeletion frame. Could you say Tabachingching?

Looking around, they do have a lot of stores that we have here in America. Same as with food. Jolibee comes to mind and it was packed so we couldn't eat there. We stopped at restaurant on one end of the mall (I forgot the name already). My mom just had soup since she was nervous what to eat. The restaurant was packed and I was just being observent of what was going around me. Teenagers with their cameras, a big group of people, a family get-togethers where what I was noticing. Being here not only means to eat, it is to get together with friends and family.

After lunch we stopped at the other end of the mall to get food. I used to work at a grocery store so I thought it would be interesting. Everything was crammed. People are in aisles getting the products of what to get. Everything is smaller even the packaging. One thing that I had to get used to is having a lot of patience and this was no exception. After getting the food, we were keeping in touch to see if the van is ready to go since it will take 6 hours to get to Baguio. So we wait outside.

After some hours, we get word that it will be fixed. But for how long? Looking back on it, I wished I would looked around the mall more. We didn't know if it was going to be fixed right away so we better stay close. We stayed outside for a long time even after 6PM, and then it rained. Really hard. Raining in buckets. There was a lot of miscommunication going on by at this point when they are going to show up. Are they going to show up at the front or someone else? We were not sure so after all the communication going on, we finally found out they were right back to the IMAX theatre. They apparently got it fixed and we were ready to go to Baguio. We met up with my wife's brother and the driver and we were on our way. Or were we? At this time it was 8:30PM.

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