Saturday, February 12, 2011

A typical day

After all that travelling with very little rest, I somehow woke at 10AM getting 6 hours of sleep.  I felt tired and exhausted but one thought in my mind said "It is a new day." Looking out at the window of our quarters, I see other buildings around me with the sun shining. In Baguio, it is not really humid so it is all comfortable. I just look around of where I was at and said, "I really can't believe that I am here."

Our typical morning would be the same through the whole trip. I would normally wake up at 6 to 7AM, putting on the morning shows. It is all in Taglog but that is okay. I just wanted to watch and observe. I usually have a bowl of cereal and just feeling the weather and the feeling of it all. I would watch The Price Is Right and then Showtime after that. Showtime was a brand new show that I was starting to get into at the time.  I would watch it every morning and I do enjoy the programming. They make sure the audience is well entertained and it is like a celebration. After Showtime, there is Wowowee which is the most popular show. Everybody back home is taking to me about saying how much they love the show. I have been a fan of the show but I noticed it is noticeably different than I used to. It is loosing some lustre and it was not the same but it was still very popular. After those shows are over, we go straight to the SM Mall or go anywhere around Baguio. After Noon, the travels that we took through was the most memorable for me. More stories to come.

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